DTJ @ Devauden Music Festival

A big thank you to everyone who helped organise and run the Devauden Festival on Friday - we had a great time and really enjoyed playing to a great crowd who refused to let their spirits be dampened by the rain.

10 Piece DTJ, A New Record

Dont Tell Johnny became Dont Tell Johnny, James, Will, John, Lyndon, Charlie, Charlie's mate and the Singing Club Girl as they were joined on stage by seven guest artiste's for the last number of their set, Wagon Wheel, at the Chepstow Castle May Day Fayre, setting a new DTJ record.

Such was the enthusiasm of the percussion section to provide a solid rhythmic underpinning of the melody line that not all the percussion instruments survived the whole song. But hey, that's Rock and Roll.

Another great music packed day at the Castle!

 Chepstow Castle Inn


DTJ @ Dabdown Festival

A big thank you to all the team who organised the Dabdown Festival in Whitecroft, near Lydney. We had a great weekend - we look forward to coming up to the Miners Arms again in the future.

Also, thanks very much to Paul Hobday for filming and producing the videos: 


and to Terry Beddis for the photos:


Check out the DTJ Vid

Select videos to see DTJ playing at the Hare-on-the-Hill !

DTJ @ The Hare-on-the-Hill

You can't beat a good pint of Gem

Fantastic! thanks to everyone who came along to the Hare-on-the-Hill gig last night, we hope you all enjoyed it....we had a greast time...roll on Dabdown!

DTJ @ Bristol Cider House

A great afternoon of jamming and singing at the Bristol Cider House. It was great to see everyone and share the fun with some great musicians.

DTJ @ Chepstow Acoustic Club Singers Night

Great Open Mic night at the Chepstow Acoustic Club

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