DTJ @ The Hatchet

Great to do a set at the Hatchet in Bristol last Sunday, with a fantastic crowd all in good spirits and celebrating St Patrick's Day. A great warm up before hand the Baggator beforehand as well. DTJ will be appearing at 'The Imp' in Bristol this Saturday.

DTJ @ 'The Big Gig for the Big Guy'


A great night of music for a great cause. It was a real thrill to play with our friends in Chameleon, Twysted River and Shootin the Crow at the Chesptow Castle Inn..the home of Don't Tell Johnny.

Wagon Wheel Super Group: Paddy, Andy, Mark, Barney, Tim R, Johnny, Julien, Gary, Paul, Sam, Izzy, Tim B, Gez, Stewart.  (Was that everyone?)

We make that twelve fourteen, beating the previous record http://www.donttelljohnny.com/news/post/10-piece-dtj-a-new-record by 2. Well done everyone, it sounded awesome (if a little slower than usual).

DTJ @ Coach and Horses

Another fantastic gig at the Coach and Horses last night with a great, fun crowd all helping Delyth to celebrate her birthday. A big thanks to her for asking us to provide the music for her party -it was a pleasure to play for everyone.

DTJ @ The Birdcage

Great gig last night at a fantastic music venue in Bristol with great acoustics and atmosphere. Thanks to everyone at The Birdcage and to everyone who came to see us.

DTJ @ Totterdown Arts Festival

A big thanks to the Oxford Inn for inviting us to play on Saturday as part of the Totterdown Arts Festival and thanks to everyone who came along to see us play. It was a packed venue with people having a really good time - we hope all of you enjoyed our songs. Special thanks to the kids down at the front for the quality percussion jamming to our faster tunes


DTJ @ Old Down Cricket Club Dinner

A great gig last night - it was a pleasure to play to such a responsive crowd - everyone seemed to having a wonderful evening in a fantastic setting. Thank you for inviting us to play, we really enjoyed it and good luck for next season!

DTJ @ St Albans Band Aid

Thanks to Dene for organising St Albans Band Aid for 2012 and for inviting us to play. It was a fantastic sunny day with a great atmosphere in the centre of St Albans, and the event raised plenty of money for a really good cause. We really enjoyed playing (see video link).


Listen to Don't Tell Johnny on Swindon 105.5FM

You can catch a repeat recording of last Autumn's hugely successfully 'Help the Heroes' gig at the Coach and Horses in Chepstow, recorded and produced by Terry Mechan, on Swindon 105.5FM this Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, featuring many songs performed by Don't Tell Johnny.



DTJ @ The Chepstow Castle Inn

Thanks to Phil and Arlette for hosting the event, to Phil and Steve for organising the sound, to Andy and Mark from Shooting the Crow and to everyone who showed up to listen to the music, grab an instrument, or generally join in the party. Another great night in the Chepstow Castle Inn. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did

I told you it would be a good night



DTJ @ Woolley Festival, Bradford-on-Avon

A bit thanks to Darren and all the organisers of the Woolley Festival. It was a great weekend with a fantastic set up and atmosphere in the acoustic tent (including a bar serving some great local ales to get you in the mood). We really enjoyed playing and listening to the other bands.

DTJ @ Priddy Folk Festival

What a brilliant Festival! Thanks to everyone who came to see us Saturday afternoon. With the relentless rain and the grass slowly turning to mud we really thought we would be playing to ourselves...but no, the club tent was full of people determined to have a good time. We did, without a doubt. Thanks to all the organisers for making the whole weekend a success, espcially Nicky, Johnny, Martin and John in the Club Tent.

DTJ @ Devauden Summer Party

Many thanks to John Brooks and his family for asking us to play at their summer party at a beautiful setting in Devauden last night. We had a great time and it was good to see everyone enjoying the music and partying away. Clearly, no-one was going to let one or two drops of rain spoil the party - the atmosphere in the barn was fantastic!

DTJ @ The Oxford

Thanks to Jim Tigwell for hosting great night at the Oxford, and to everyone who came along to listen.

DTJ @ The Coach and Horses

Fantastic gig last night. A big thanks to our hosts, The Coach and Horses and to everyone who came along. It was a great evening, we really enjoyed it and hope everyone else did.

DTJ @ Devauden Music Festival

A big thank you to everyone who helped organise and run the Devauden Festival on Friday - we had a great time and really enjoyed playing to a great crowd who refused to let their spirits be dampened by the rain.

10 Piece DTJ, A New Record

Dont Tell Johnny became Dont Tell Johnny, James, Will, John, Lyndon, Charlie, Charlie's mate and the Singing Club Girl as they were joined on stage by seven guest artiste's for the last number of their set, Wagon Wheel, at the Chepstow Castle May Day Fayre, setting a new DTJ record.

Such was the enthusiasm of the percussion section to provide a solid rhythmic underpinning of the melody line that not all the percussion instruments survived the whole song. But hey, that's Rock and Roll.

Another great music packed day at the Castle!

 Chepstow Castle Inn


DTJ @ Dabdown Festival

A big thank you to all the team who organised the Dabdown Festival in Whitecroft, near Lydney. We had a great weekend - we look forward to coming up to the Miners Arms again in the future.

Also, thanks very much to Paul Hobday for filming and producing the videos: 


and to Terry Beddis for the photos:


Check out the DTJ Vid

Select videos to see DTJ playing at the Hare-on-the-Hill !

DTJ @ The Hare-on-the-Hill

You can't beat a good pint of Gem

Fantastic! thanks to everyone who came along to the Hare-on-the-Hill gig last night, we hope you all enjoyed it....we had a greast time...roll on Dabdown!

DTJ @ Bristol Cider House

A great afternoon of jamming and singing at the Bristol Cider House. It was great to see everyone and share the fun with some great musicians.

DTJ @ Chepstow Acoustic Club Singers Night

Great Open Mic night at the Chepstow Acoustic Club